Nate River

It's not his real name but most of the people who know him on the Internet, call him that way. Nate has Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Despite the rumors that he doesn't have personal life, in his free time he usually plays table tennis, watches movies at the cinema or visits different cafés with friends. He's addicted to caffeine and cats. He also likes watching anime, criminal TV series and fantasy movies.

"Do you know why snow is white? It's because it has forgotten what color once it was..."


It's his nickname from the good old days in Bulgaria Dota Room 07 in Garena where he was pwning noobs 24/7. Also known as "MVP" and "THE BEST SF IN BG". Except DotA, Fire is also very good at Basketball. He has Bachelor degree in Computer Science and a full Pokémon sticker album. Watches anime and reads manga, also finds Nate's obsession with cats annoying.

"The Bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame..."
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