Sudoku and Solver

You are a sudoku fan? Then you MUST try this app! With FOUR levels of difficulty, it's perfect for both beginners and experts. You can enable/disable hints in-game, clear the whole board and restart or pause the game and resume whenever you want. It also saves your best scores! Wait, THERE IS MORE! Register an account and compare your score with other registered users. You can also design your own sudoku puzzles and challenge your friends with them! Still not good enough? Well, it's called "Sudoku and Solver". It has Sudoku Solver which can solve any sudoku puzzle. You only need to fill in some of the given numbers and it will solve it and complete the rest.

Let's dive into the details! When you start the app, you have three options: (1) To login with your account, (2) To register an account and (3) to continue without registration. We strongly encourage you to register an account. It takes just few seconds but once you have an account, you can go online and show your highscores to the public. The account also allows you to challenge your friends and make your own sudoku puzzles for them.

Sudoku Login

Sudoku Main Menu

From the main menu you can choose either to play a game, solve an existing sudoku puzzle, challenge some of your friends or check your highscores and global ranking. The challenge feature is only available if you have registered an account and have Internet access.

In "Play" mode you can choose from 4 different levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil. Selecting a cell will highlight its row and column to help you focus. You can turn off that feature from the Options menu. When you make mistake, using the "clear" button will remove the number. If you are not sure what number should be on that position, use the "Hint" button to show you. You can disable and enable the hinting features anytime you want. But remember, if you use it too often, you are lying to yourself. Real Sudoku fans don't cheat!

Sudoku Play

Sudoku Solver

The "Solver" lets you fill part of the Sudoku and it solves the rest for you, showing you all numbers. Keep in mind, that some puzzles can have more than one solution but the solver will give you only the first found!