Have you ever played "Truth or Dare"? Challenger is similar to it! You complete challenges which could be as simple as answering a question or more difficult - finishing some task and taking a photo as proof that you've really done it. Everything you do can be posted on your Facebook wall so your friends can see it. Every photo you take using Challenger is uploaded to your Facebook Challenger Album. You can complete our challenges while being offline without Internet access! You can also complete YOUR OWN challenges or challenge YOUR FRIENDS! Yes! You can challenge your friends and as soon as they see it on Facebook, they only need to install the app on their phones or tablets to receive the challenge.

Here's how it works. The first time you start Challenger, you will be asked to connect it to your Facebook account and give the necessary permissions to the app. You need also to register some username and password to use for offline mode when you can't sign in with your Facebook account. (Your info is stored and used ONLY locally on your phone and you can change it whenever you want to)

Challenger Login

Challenger Pending

Once you have connected to Facebook, the Challenger will download any challenges from your friends and also check for challenge updates from us. When the loading has finished, you can start using the app. If you have used it in offline mode and have completed any challenges but haven't published them, you will be prompted that you have "Pending Challenges". You can:

  • Publish them on Facebook
  • Remove them from the "pending" list
  • Just ignore them

We have prepared for you our own challenges! You can randomly pick 3 every day. Some of them need only a text answer while others can't be completed without taking a photo proof. Every challenge from friend you receive will be automatically added to your challenges list and will be available to you without waiting and limitations! You can complete challenges from friends or your own "self"-challenges whenever you want.

Challenger My Challenges Challenger Complete Challenge

Challenger History Challenger History Details

All the challenges you complete or decline go to your "History" so you can always access them. Enjoy the happy memories! It also allows you to post them on Facebook again or permanently delete them.

As we already said, you can challenge your friends! Pick someone from your friends list, choose the type of challenge, write the challenge itself and click send. You can optionally post a photo as well. It's done! A notification will be posted on Facebook so your friend will know about your challenge. As soon as he installs Challenger and logs in with his account, he will receive it.

Challenger Facebook Friends

Have fun and happy challenging!